Our life is made up of little things. Comfortable bed linen is the little thing that we do not notice if it is and the absence of which is able to bring us a headache, and it can be a reason of extra excitation, tears, sleep disturbance for small children. How can you select your grown baby the proper bed linen? The design of things that your baby uses is very important for him.

What is the bed linen design?

  1. The color of the set is very important for the perception of the baby. Bright colors should not be here. They will excite the infant and will not let him sleep.
  2. But it is also practical if it is a favorite color of the child. Take notice of what colors and coloring pictures are the most often used by your baby. And it’s not always pink for a girl and blue for a boy.
  3. Children’s bed linens are often decorated with pictures.

Be careful! These wonderful bears, that you like so much, can scare the baby. And that awful bee on a duvet cover which was presented by your mother-in-law will be loved very much. With this bee he will fall asleep faster and ask to go to bed as soon as he sees it. In this situation, you should give the child a choice. If you do not want to lead the baby to the store, let him order a picture in advance.

  1. There is also a good intention making choice of bed linens in the online store together

A few ideas for the creation of children’s design for bed linen

  1. It is not necessary to buy baby bedding sets. You can buy a separate sheet, pillowcase and separate duvet cover, pick them yourself and get a very pleasant result unexpectedly.
  2. You can buy a white set of linen and sew on it a few applications. It is the best to do this on one side in the middle of the duvet cover, in one corner of the sheet and in all corners of the pillowcase. By the way, for a duvet cover (if it is solid) and a sheet you will be able to determine the top and the bottom. Such applications should be done by you with a child. Let him cut the ears of the hare or the petals of a flower. Even if everything is not too neat, the effort will pay off. The child will run to his bed. There are no scandals and tears.
  3. Of course, tell her bambino what is beautiful. Explain why some combination of colors doesn’t dovetail into one another. But you will not have to be the most obtrusively. Do not obtrude upon your tastes and preferences to your child. Let him educe his own view of the world.
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